What are the criteria a team must meet to qualify in the competition?

For a team to qualify in the competition, at least 50% of the team must participate in the target activity. This qualification criteria is activity-specific. For example, if two of four people on a team watched at least one lesson that whole team then qualifies for the competition based on lessons watched. However, if only one of those same four people tracked steps (with at least 2000 steps for 50% of the days), that same team would not qualify for the competition based on steps.

What are the criteria for an individual must meet to qualify in the competition?

To qualify for lessons watched, an individual must watch at least one lesson during the competition time period. To qualify for steps, an individual must track at least 2000 steps per day for at least 50% of the days in the competition time period.

If an individual qualifies, but their team doesn’t, how else can this individual be recognized?

These individuals can be recognized in other ways, and this partly depends on the way your company incentivizes the competitions. For example, the individual could still make it into the top ten list for lessons watched or for average steps. Some companies may also choose to include everyone who meets the month’s competition goals into raffles for prizes, or invite them to in-real-life events based on their participation and whether they met their goals for the month.

humanOS Competition FAQ | Tracking

How are steps synced with humanOS?

To sync your steps with the humanOS platform, first sync your tracker with the Fitbit app. This app can be used in conjunction with a Fitbit tracking device or in conjunction with Health data from an Apple product.

How often do you need to sync your steps?

You can sync your steps as often as is convenient for you. When you sync your steps in humanOS using the Activity Tracker, your steps will be synced from the last time you synced (as far back as one year) up until the current moment.

Please synchronize your Fitbit app with your tracking device prior to synchronizing with the humanOS platform. The reason for this is that humanOS will only take in multiple updates from the Fitbit app for a limited number of recent days (5 days including present day). For example, if you synchronize with humanOS but haven’t updated your Fitbit app for 6 days, humanOS will pull in the values that are currently in the Fitbit app, and that are not reflective of the values recorded by your tracking device. At that point, you can update your Fitbit app to match your device, and then sync with humanOS again. However, humanOS will only take in updates for 5 days so the updates to the 6th day will not be recorded by humanOS.

Can you enter your steps manually into the humanOS platform?

You can enter steps manually on the humanOS platform by searching for “Steps” under the activity sidebar. Please note that entering steps this way will add the steps to your “Activity” score, but will not add the steps to your “Steps” score. As a consequence, they will also not be included towards the individual’s (or their team’s) steps in the competition. The reason for this is to increase confidence in the accuracy of the step tracking and to decrease opportunities for cheating. This gives a better competition experience for all participants but also helps the individual reflect on a more accurate picture of their activity.

humanOS Competition FAQ | Competition Calculations

Why are the step averages and totals on the monthly competition tile and report not an exact match to the step averages or totals on the individual participant’s humanOS dashboard?

For the actual competition, the step counts are only considered for days where the individual has more than 500 steps. The reason for this is that it would be very hard to only achieve 500 steps in one day, so days with 500 or less steps are likely not an accurate representation of steps for that day. For example, this could occur if a tracker is not worn throughout the whole day.

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