<aside> šŸ’” This is the one, central living document that codifies Lander's office etiquette and norms. This can save new (and even existing team members) a lot of time and headaches getting oriented.


Social Code

We expect you to foster a well-organized, respectful and collaborative environment.

You should avoid offending, participating in heated altercations and disrupting our workplace. We will not tolerate anyone intimidating, pestering, humiliating, victimizing or sabotaging others at this company. We also prohibit willful discrimination based on age, sexual orientation, gender, ethnicity, race, religion or disability. This is by no means an exhaustive list but it gives an indication, use your common sense.

Stay Beginners

Tony designed the iPod and the Nest thermostat. Here you can listen to him talk about how windshield wipers and countless other innovations were driven by peope who were unwilling to settle with the little annoyances in their day. We strive to innovate away these annoyances for ourselves to save time and money on everything we work on, and for our customers, clients, attendees, and speakers to make them happier and more at ease.


Subconscious Space, Health, & Active Learning

We expect each person who works with us to invest in themselves by giving yourself time off to think, meditate, write, and learn. Go on walks. Meditate at least 10 minutes daily.

We do this because it makes us 10x more effective at everything else we do. If you don't already have practices like this every day, prepare to be surprised at how much easier life becomes as you build healthy habits.

We ask you to prioritize your own education & edification for the benefit of yourself and everyone we work with. This is important so that you can be an informed, intelligent, effectively aware part of the team, we expect you to commit to these practices:

  1. Go on a half hour walk every day for your health.
  2. Meditate at least once a day at least 10 minutes, and tie this to a habit you already have so you do it reliably. Mindfulness, Vipassanā specifically, or non-judgmental awareness of being is useful for being less reactive and more purposeful in every moment of your life. Give yourself space to not process anything, to just observe.
  3. Create at least 5 minutes a day to write everything down that's on your mind. Whether you do this as a standing update on your current projects & to-dos or whether you enjoy writing a journal type entry in private, make sure this is a daily practice.
  4. Spend at least a half hour reading each day - we'll post a reading list soon so you can choose recommended books from other team members based on where you are in life and what your goals are for next steps in your career.
  5. Make sure you eat at least one healthy whole-food or real-food meal a day that is nourishing and helps you think and process effectively, as well as improves your mood. It sounds obvious, but some people overlook it for weeks at a time. Make sure you have a way to hold yourself accountable to do this.
  6. Spend at least an hour watching & reading other educational content of some kind, ESPECIALLY content that is out of your area of expertise. Here is a list of our recommended youtube channels to subscribe to:

Youtube Channels To Subscribe To

Make sure you set aside as much time to do these things DURING THE WORKDAY, DURING BILLABLE HOURS as you do "work" - this stuff is arguably MORE important than actual work, as long as you don't use it to procrastinate.