For a 10 minute video walkthrough of how we use Notion at Lander, check out the first embedded video on the Using Notion at Lander page below.

Below are reference pages for everyone we work with & specifically for Lander Team Members. Here you can find company policies, searchable transcripts of all meetings, free versions of our products, contact info for other team members, key codes to the offices we operate in LA & Colorado, etc.

Add these pages to your favorites in your Notion sidebar by "favoriting" them once logged in.

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For Everyone

What's New

Annual Goals


Team Principles

Press Coverage

Lander Team


Time Off


Lander Offices


Notion Walkthrough

Confused? Check out this walkthrough page:

Using Notion at Lander

If you ever have any questions about how to use notion, how a certain database, page, or template works, etc, make sure you've watched the Using Notion at Lander , and then drop any questions you have after that on the page and we'll answer them on a live call and link to the recording for you :)