Why Teaching to Transgress?

"To educate as the practice of freedom is a way of teaching that anyone can learn." p. 13

Published in 1994, Teaching to Transgress by Black feminist scholar bell hooks, is a collection of essays that illuminate her approach to teaching in the classroom. The essays introduce strategies that she has used to challenge the traditional, white, upper-middle class, patriarchal structure of the academy. hooks believes in the revolutionary power of education, and her essays give practitioners some insight on how they can shift their practice toward liberation and freedom, instead of remaining complicit in education structures that reinforce the existing balance of power.


This book club met from June 15-October 19, 2020 on Mondays @ 9am PT/12pm ET and Wednesdays @ 4pm ET/7pm PT.

June 15: Introductions and Community Agreement

June 29: Introduction and Engaged Pedagogy, pgs. 1-22 (22 pages)

July 13: A Revolution of Values, Embracing Change, pgs. 23-44 (21 pages)

July 27: Paolo Freire, Theory as Liberatory Practice, pgs. 45-75 (30 pages)

Aug. 10: Essentialism & Experience, Language Teaching, pgs. 77-92, 167-175 (23 pages)

Sept. 7: Holding My Sister’s Hand, Feminist Thinking in the Classroom, Feminist Scholarship, pgs. 93-127 (34 pages)

Sept. 21: Building a Teaching Community, Confronting Class

Oct. 5: Eros, Eroticism, and the Pedagogical Process, Ecstasy

Oct. 19: Completion Celebration

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