Explaining and using Object Detection with YOLO(You Only Look Once) Computer Vision Algorithm

<aside> 💡 Posted on November 2nd 2019, Revised on October 14th 2020



We all take our vision for granted. It is a product of hundreds of million years of evolution, evolving from a light-sensitive patch of cells to a complex optical extravaganza called the human eye.

Throughout Humanity’s course of existence, our survival has depended on our ability to understand and interpret our environment. During our time roaming the African plains, primitive humans needed to immediately recognize and react upon threats.


Even today, this still remains to be the case.


The ability to see the world we live in has allowed Christopher Columbus to navigate the world, Leonardo da Vinci to paint Mona Lisa and little Timmy here to ride a unicycle. Great job Timmy.


Since the emergence of Homo Sapiens, humans have had the best sense of sight. However, this won't be the case for long. Because humans are very lazy. First Humans thought:

“Hey walking is tiring, let’s domesticate these big quadrupedal animals and ride them around instead.”


Then we thought:

“Hey feeding and maintaining these horses is too much effort, let’s build these big four wheel vehicles to move around in”