A few general notes about the online improv collaborations between the teaching staff of The Nursery and The Maydays.

<aside> 💡 NOTE: Until 1st September 2021, all our online improv classes and courses were run as a collaboration between us (The Nursery Theatre based in London, United Kingdom) and The Maydays (based in Bristol, United Kingdom). This collaboration is due to change after 1st September. You can read more here.



This is who organises what. If you have something which falls outside this list, classes@thenurserytheatre.com is your best bet. Suggestions, objections, thoughts etc are always welcome.

Staff Discount

To guarantee a spot on one of our classes or courses, you can pre-book with the discount code staff15. This will give a 15% discount on any booking. We will usually allow staff to join classes for free on the day if they are not sold out, but we would recommend booking a place for popular events.

General Notes

NB A ‘class’ is a single event, a ‘course’ a group of classes taken together, an ‘elective’ a class in a specialist subject intended to be taken alongside course or rehearsals and an ‘intensive’ a group of classes which are on subsequent days.

Login details/Zoom links/Schedules

The Nursery have three Zoom accounts and also sometimes use the teacher’s personal accounts. We try to keep it consistent and easy to navigate, but sometimes it gets complex. Please bear with this and remember that the name of the account you are using is listed with the link in the spreadsheet. Please also always remember to log out of a Zoom room in order to prevent teachers from accidentally being interrupted in their classes.