Manage the entire team's projects and issues from task creation to completion.

A no-frills task board where each team member can easily create new tasks, see which tasks they're assigned to, and monitor how things are progressing.

And best of all - there's no need to duct tape different tools together in case you want to add subtasks or more detailed notes on to any of the tasks.

Give our task board template a try when creating a new page or keep scrolling to learn how to make one from scratch!

Step 1: Create a database to get started

Let's get started by adding a database by clicking the [+] button on a new line in the editor and selecting 'Board.'

Step 2: Tailor the board to reflect the task completion process

Let's highlight the different statuses that each of the tasks will flow through.

Just click the status and rename it - it's as easy as that. For some styling, you can also change the color of the milestones as well.

If you want to have an inbox of sorts for new tasks, you can keep the 'No Status' column. Otherwise, you can hide it by clicking on the '...' button.

Step 3: Add in the team's tasks

Now let's see the project and issue tracker start to take shape by adding in tasks underneath each of the statuses.

When a task moves from one status to another, just drag-and-drop its card to the appropriate status.