What do we expect

  1. You are a technologist with experience building end to end full stack applications.
  2. You can write non-trivial programs in PHP and Javascript.
  3. You can create authenticated CRUD APIs using tools like Laravel, composer, apache.
  4. You are are have experience with redux, react router, hooks etc.
  5. You can write clean, modular code in either Object-Oriented style or Functional style.
  6. You are fluent in using at least one DB, preferably MySQL, but feel free to surprise us.
  7. You have shipped code to production recently, regularly.
  8. You are driven and care about doing a good job and improving your craft.
  9. You are fluent in using the tools of the trade: Git, Linux CLI, Containerization, Slack, Clickup
  10. You have high integrity, and you are reliable.

Don’t worry too much about fitting each of these requirements. Use your discretion, think which are most important to you, and then apply.

The compensation would be in the range of 8-12 Lakhs INR with ESOP based on the experience and expertise you bring to the table

If you are interested, reach out to us at hello@tartl.net