Humanitarian problems are getting harder. Communities are globalizing faster than ever, budgets are tightening, and support is becoming more remote.

At Tarjimly, we tackle some of humanity's truly hardest challenges head on by building great products that bring out the best in people.

We are regularly searching for talented people to join our team - people who reflect our solidarity with refugees, passion for humanitarian support, and love of language. Founded in 2017 by two MIT cofounders, Y Combinator Alum, and Echoing Green Fellows, we are a team of engineers, marketers, data scientists, and humanitarians building an entirely new Product-Category.

About Tarjimly

Tarjimly means "translate for me" - we are a tech nonprofit founded in 2017 with the mission of eliminating language barriers for refugees and humanitarians.

What we do:

The Tarjimly Mobile App trains and connects our community of 20,000+ bilingual volunteers to humanitarians in under 2 minutes (using machine learning matching) where they can send text, documents, and start calls.

Tarjimly Premium is a premium suite of tools and certified translators built on top of the mobile app designed to meet all of an organization's translation and interpretation needs.

Why we do it:

We believe the right to be understood is a universal right that improves the dignity and equality of service to displaced people - language barriers should never deny critical support.

We also believe high-quality people and skills are widely available, but high-quality deployment is not.

As a duty to our own communities, we want to build products that give refugees and immigrants their voice back, whether theyโ€™re stuck in a refugee camp or resettling in a new country.

Our goal is to make Tarjimly the world's default humanitarian translation tool.

Interested in Joining Us?

Below are some opportunities for you to get involved with our mission of eliminating language barriers from humanitarian support:

<aside> ๐Ÿ’Œ If you are interested in applying, please email us at with your resume and how you believe you can contribute ๐Ÿ™‚ If you are interested in volunteering, please note that we only take volunteers who can commit a minimum of 6 months to Tarjimly (full-time or part-time).


Open Opportunities