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1 - 💘Venture Capital & Talent

As an early-stage VC, it is our job to discover the best companies before they actually become them. For this, we consider the potential of the business case and the founders. We create a space where great business opportunities and outstanding talents meet and thrive. Unique talents, smart people strategies, and scalable organizations are just as important for the success of a company as the perfect product-market fit, great business plan, or ideal timing.


In the global startup ecosystem, exceptional talent has become a scarce resource and more often than not becomes the deciding factor in whether a company will successfully grow. A great product is not enough anymore. Thus, bringing in the right co-founders and key people at the right time has proven to change the business trajectory as a whole.

We have launched Talent & Venture Development as a new unit at Atlantic Labs and FoodLabs, doubling down on our belief that this is the most important, potentially game-changing support we can offer our ventures. We believe combining the best of strategy consulting, venture building, and talent hacking is an essential part of the value proposition of an early-stage focused venture capital firm besides the $$.

2 - 🧑🏼‍🤝‍🧑🏾Your Team

You will work across two of the leading early-stage VC funds, Atlantic Labs and FoodLabs, and be a fully integrated core team member in both. Together, we are a group of around 40 people, and more incredibly talented people will join our crew in the upcoming months.