<aside> 💫 **Talent Protocol** is the web3 professional platform where high-potential builders can create their on-chain resume and find the support they need to succeed.



Until now careers have mostly been a single-player game where only a privileged few can win. With web3, talented people become more visible and can build up their confidence through their own invested supporters.

The Community for the Builders of Tomorrow.

Talent Protocol is building an ecosystem for builders that enables them to have more visibility, through web3 verifiable profiles and added confidence, through the ability to find invested supporters. Careers don’t have to be a single-player game.

Our mission is to help the next generation of talented builders achieve success and fulfilment.

User-owned Resume

Through our protocol, users can create an open, user-owned and interoperable professional resume that reflects their careers in web3.

Verified Journeys

On Talent Protocol’s platform, users are able to create peer-to-peer verified journeys, scout talent and earn rewards for that and directly support high-potential talented builders.

Web3 Opportunities

Talent Protocol’s community enables direct support for talent to grow. Access scholarships and exciting opportunities powered by the members of this bubbling community.


For Talent

Build your Web3 professional profile, launch your own token-gated community, take ownership of your career, and turn your loose connections into a support network to help you succeed.

For Supporters

Discover top builders, invest in their careers, contribute to their professional journey, and unlock perks and rewards as they grow.

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Key milestones