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Hi, I'm Tal. I'm currently a student in the Learning, Design, and Technology (LDT) program at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. Before coming to Stanford, I managed products, designed and developed innovative user interfaces, and invented a couple of patents along the way. I also volunteered as a private tutor for math and English. I hold a B.Sc. in computer science and cognitive science (magna cum laude) from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

I came to Stanford in pursuit of my passion for understanding how people learn and my belief that education is a prime driving force for individual and social human development. I want to help design and build technologies that make learning more engaging, effective, and inspiring. This is a brief summary of what I did in one packed year at LDT. I'd love to chat at ✉️ tal.koren@alumni.stanford.edu.



⬤ Designing Learning Technologies

⬤ Cognitive Science

⬤ Artificial Intelligence

⬤ STEM Education

LDT Project


Debriefly is my culminating LDT project. Its goal is to introduce debriefing — a highly effective learning strategy that is currently practiced only in a small number of settings — to new learning contexts. As part of this project, Debriefly was developed and tested as a prep tool for GRE math questions. Debriefly's users experience a facilitated debriefing process that helps them reflect on their solution process, identify causes of errors, and generate actionable insights that can enable them to perform better over time. A pre-test/post-test study and a survey indicate that Debriefly can improve students’ performance in the practiced subject matter as well as teach debriefing skills which learners perceive as useful and applicable to different learning contexts.