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Project details

📄 The overview

As the first Production Designer at Lyft, I was tasked to support the Driver XP team specifically with design to engineering handoffs.

🏰 The strategy

My focus was simple: showcase the expertise and collaborative workflow of a seasoned Production Designer. I challenged myself to really step up to emphasize how Production Design can elevate the efficiency and quality of a designer's project.

Pre-work checklist

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When I first receive a design file from a designer, I typically go through my normal checklist to help prepare it for my quality review. Often times, this takes the most time because every designer is different and I, myself, am very particular on file management. To prevent making any changes from the original design, I create a new page to perform all my work which helps focus my workspace. Some file management things that I do prior to the quality review include:

Yes, the prep work is time consuming but I've learned that this really sets myself up for success for the next steps in my process.

Quality review

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Relinking to LPL

The first quality review I perform is to ensure all typography styles and colors are using LPL attributes. Thanks to the internal Figma plugin, LPL Lint, this step is automated just by selecting the artboard and clicking "Check for errors".


The main screen for the LPL Lint plugin.


A list of error results provided by LPL Lint.