Table of contents

1. Overview

Taco Universe is the entire gaming universe where all the Taco Games live. This universe rotates around TACO and SHING tokens:

They can be both easily converted using the main WAX markets or built in features (like Taco Ingredient NFTs)

The gaming universe will contain all the game/adventure types everyone can play at: strategical, management, arcade, dungeon based, card games, multiplayer, arena, etc.

Center point of the game universe are Taco Venues: “land” NFTs which open different possibilities based on the single game type. Every venue has a standalone and “cross-game” utility inside taco universe.

2. Main elements

This section describes the main elements and NFTs which makes the whole Taco universe work.

2.1 SHING Extractors

SHING extractor NFTs generate hourly SHING based on their rarity.

SHING obtained from extractors can be claimed at any time: there's no claiming cooldown. The only limit is your WAX account CPU!

On unpacking and transfer your SHING extractors are automatically linked to your account: no staking (passive or active) is needed