🔠 TCU (Trust Center Update) categorization

Now all TCUs (Trust Center Updates) will have a category! This makes it easier for all stakeholders to quickly learn what type of update is being published. Categories include:

How this works: When a new TCU is created, admins will now see a 'category' prompt and options. To note - SafeBase will be automatically tagging all your past updates. If you want to make any changes to these, you can easily edit the TCU directly.


📄 Clickwrap NDA template

Want to use a Clickwrap NDA but unsure where to start? Have an NDA but want to revisit the language? Head on over to Settings > NDA > Clickwrap NDA and select 'Download NDA Template'. From this template, feel free to customize as needed.


🚀 But wait, there's SO MUCH more!

→ DORA now included in 'Compliance' - indicate if your organization follows the DORA (Digital Operational Resilience Act) framework.


→ Redesigned 'Accounts' table - within the 'Accounts' tab you will see a new and improved 'Accounts' table. This updated view has new ordering, coloring, and language to clearly show access status, permission profile, and NDA status.