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Funders are confronted with an urgent need to find and support transformative solutions to the world's most pressing problems. However, much of our field is currently calibrated for treating symptoms rather than changing the conditions that hold societal problems in place. Though it is important to reduce immediate suffering (e.g. building & equipping homeless shelters), our field must also prioritize addressing root conditions (e.g. changing housing-related norms and policies). This requires a different mindset and practice of funding. So, how can our field re-calibrate?

This question is being asked by many in our field and, fortunately, the key principles and practices are already known. To embrace these, each institution must go on its own unique journey. We invite you to use this self-assessment to discover where your institution is on its journey and to help it travel even further. To get started, please click the "Take the Self-Assessment" link below. When you've completed the self-assessment, come back here and visit the "After the Assessment" and "Resource Library" pages. And if you have feedback or suggestions, please get in touch.

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