FEB 6, 2022

System light/dark mode. New look login and setup screens. Other minor improvements


This is a minor update with a few improvements and visual changes.

System light / dark mode

We’ve moved the light/dark toggle from the main navigation to account > preferences > appearance. Estii now respects your system settings by default, and also remembers you preferences across devices when you log back in.

localhost_3000_account(1280 x 720).png

New look login and setup screens.

We’ve updated the login and setup screens to look AMAZING on both light and dark mode.


localhost_3000_login(1280 x 720) (16).png


Minor improvements


The add resource button no longer pre-populates with the first available resource


It’s easier to move tasks between phases with a phase dropdown filter

localhost_3000_estii_deals_iRi5Jpwl_estimate_VyNS818z_features(1280 x 720).png


Download to PDF now shows loading spinner and wont time out on really, really large deals


The budget slide now resizes the total value to fit nicely within the donut chart

localhost_3000_estii_deals_iRi5Jpwl_view(1280 x 720) (1).png