Any service provider prefers to know everything that's happening in the backend and might be troublesome for their users. And so we have to use multiple tools to get notified before it's too late.

With EBL you can generate system alerts based on the data received from your servers. Send everything to EBL and based on the workflow created our systems will trigger the function that you choose to be your notifier or you can even trigger a backup mechanism for your system by just implementing a few conditions.

You can easily implement this in a few simple steps:

  1. Login to your EBL account, create an endpoint inside your desired project.
  2. Add this webhook endpoint generated from EBL to your backend servers from where you will be sending data.
  3. Create a workflow on EBL and connect it with the endpoint created.
  4. Implement JS and If conditions to qualify when and how you wish to receive alerts
  5. Now add a function for slack/SMS/Email/voicecall service provider(you can choose any as per your choice).

And you have your own alert management system ready, which works exactly the way you want it to.