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**The third novel by Robert Carr, following the success of Continuums ( 2008 )and A Question of Return ( 2015 ) both published by Mosaic Press. His work has been highly praised

“A Question of Return is a profound, rich, layered and compelling story, a must read.”

“...a terrific, compelling story...not a mystery novel per se, but it manages to carry a sense of mystery over more than a hundred thousand words - and this is called Art!"

"Robert Carr has brilliantly created a compelling story filled with characters who are both flawed and complicated with an underlying tone of tension and unrest while raising issues of mortality and truth."

From a chance observation made by his sister, Miles Rueda, the central character of the novel, realizes that something he has seen as a child many years earlier in the village of Corby Falls was most likely a prelude to murder. Everything now points to the recently deceased Dr. Biranek, a former neighbour of the Ruedas, and a prominent township resident. Miles casually talks about this long-ago crime around a restaurant table. His story acquires legs. This is the fuse of the main narrative in the novel. What follows is unexpected, then trying, then threatening. A huge bequest left by Dr. Biranek to the township hospital is endangered, the largest employer in the region is about to close its doors, Miles is almost killed in a savage attack. He fears for his and his daughter’s safety. The cause and center of it all, Miles is at a loss. Slowly he reaches an ethical dead-end.

Miles personal life is also entangled. He lives in Toronto. Legal matters, leftovers from an acrimonious divorce, are still to be settled. His ex-wife plans to take their ironic teenage daughter to Europe for several years. He is against it. Following a chance encounter, he embarks in a patchy and fragile love affair.Miles happens to work in the aerospace industry, and a secondary storyline in the novel revolves around the early phases of a program to land a rover on Mars.Although not a sequel, some characters from A Question of Returnappear or are mentioned in Corby Falls as well.

FICTION Pub Date. Apr. 21 2021 Available or order from IPG(US)/ Gazelle Book Services(UK/EU) / Manda Group(Canada) 6 X 9 inches 300 pages Price: $24.95 CDN, $21.95 USD ISBN PB: 9781771615204 PDF: 9781771615211 ePUB: 9781771615228 MOBI: 9781771615235