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syllabus Spring 2020 EDC 534 Digital Authorship.pdf



You will create media as digital authors and reflect on your learning experiences. LEAP activities are designed to support the development of your digital authorship skills and help you develop collaboration and project-management skills. Each of the LEAP experiences contributes to the development of your personal and professional identity. LEAP assignment specifications and assessment rubric will be provided by the instructor.

LEAP #1 - DUE March 6

LEAP #2 - Digital Storytelling - DUE April 3

Alternative LEAP #2 - Collaborate & Create - DUE April 3


Research Paper, Creative Project or Curriculum - DUE MAY 10

In graduate school, you develop your own unique expertise that helps advance your knowledge and career ambitions. In the final paper, you have maximum latitude to develop a paper/project to meet your own learning goals. You may work individually or with a partner. For this work, it’s best if you use this opportunity to develop your expertise in ways that advance your personal interests and professional career. Students may examine a specific research topic, create a curriculum, or develop a creative project that is integrally connected to the themes and issues explored in this course.

With all this freedom, it is important to focus on something “doable” in just six weeks. If you choose to develop a creative media project, you’ll submit both a project and a short paper that describes your aims, strategy and work process. If you create curriculum, you’ll submit both the curriculum and a similar short paper about your work. You may also choose to gather information and acquire expertise on a focused topic of special interest by writing an academic term paper (15 – 25 pages).

To facilitate audience engagement and digital sharing, all students compose a video Ignite presentation (pecha kucha) that describes your completed work in a short 20-slide video screencast. This is posted online and shared via Twitter with the #EDC534 hashtag.


Use the Pathwright LMS to complete the readings, activities and social interactions required for your success as an online learner.