We, at SwasthSeva, believe that, at the core, the barriers to health accessibility are :

  1. Distance : Facilities are too far away

    This results in poor healthcare outcomes and additional financial costs due to delayed medical attention and/or timely intervention during emergencies.

  2. Financial : Care is too expensive

    Makes healthcare prohibitively expensive especially for certain target groups that require it the most.

  3. Resource Unavailability : Lack of well trained doctors, meds and devices

    Contributes towards poor quality of care and adds undue burden on the existing healthcare systems as well as the patients themselves.


We want to leverage telemedicine to overcome the barriers patients face to access healthcare.

Our aim is to strengthen the existing rural Healthcare System. We see an opportunity to implement a technology-enabled intervention that includes :

Why Us?

We are a team of motivated young graduates looking to create an impact through a product version of the technology-enabled, generalizable, and replicable workflow of the intervention we come up with, in partnership with organisations.

We are biased towards action and believe in actual work. We've spent countless hours engaging with doctors, think-tanks, and policy experts incorporating their suggestions on how to make telemedicine for primary care a success. Our result: a fully developed software-based minimum viable system equipped with Telemedicine and EHR functionality.

We want to tailor a similar system to the needs of your superheroes on-ground.

Business Model

SwasthSeva operates on the concept of a social business: