We at STA are all independent artists who understand the difficulty of the current moment.

There's been a lot of heartache and grief, with rolling cancellations and the lack of support that the arts community has received. To think about sustainability in performance may feel redundant, when it is so difficult to even make work and get it into a theatre. We acknowledge this struggle.

What we want to offer though, is this—sustainability is an opportunity for the future that you can start investing in now.

We’ve compiled a Green Guide to kickstart your theatrical sustainability journey. Each resource is chock-full of tips, provocations and frameworks to get you thinking about how to make your arts project more environmentally-friendly. The Guide is ever-growing, and we at STA are working hard to collect and consolidate industry-relevant knowledge so it’s easily accessible.

The time is now to look at your practice and ask how you can green it. Take this time to get ready for when theatre is possible again, so that when it is, you're ready to share your art in an environmentally sustainable way (and knock everybody's socks off of course!).

Plan Sustainably—View PDF Plan Sustainably—View plain text

Green Your Marketing—View PDF Green Your Marketing—View plain text

Involve Your Audience—View PDF Involve Your Audience—View plain text

Design for Disassembly—View PDFDesign for Disassembly—View plain text

Create an End-of-Show Plan—View PDFCreate an End-of-Show Plan—View plain text