Please spend no more than three hours on this challenge. The goal is to mimic the work you would be doing at Gumroad day-to-day.

Please refer to the website to see how we communicate with our creators.

It consists of:

Please send the above directly in an email to

Support queries

  1. I'm uploading a single 20GB movie to my Gumroad account, and it is repeatedly failing. This is my first product and I really want to start selling! What can I do?
  2. I see Gumroad is 10% and doesn’t offer much. Why should I use that over using Stripe directly?

Answer the above questions twice, once for a software engineer-turned musician selling guitar courses, and once for a software engineer selling a subscription to a SaaS.

Help Center doc

We are launching a bunch of features this year. Please check out the latest YouTube video (we do public “board meetings”), pick one feature that’s coming soon, and write up a Help Center doc about it.