As we know very well that it is very hard to find Google (Gmail) billing phone number or contact helpline, you may get the phone number for AdWords but google does not provide any support for free services. If you get any charge on your billing statement by google or google play then you can call (+1-800-693-6811) on this number to get help from google billing experts.

How to Reach Google Live person

you can reach Google Live Person by call Google Helpline Phone Number (+1-800-693-6811). Google Experts will help you to fix all the issues related to your google service like Gmail, Photos, Cloud, Adwords, etc. you may call to Google Helpline Phone Number for Recover Google Account or Gmail password or you may call for google play issues or query.

How to Get a refund from google

Have you bought something from Google or Google play store, or unknowingly you buy something from google or google play then definitely you will get a Refund from Google

Follow these steps to request a Refund from Google:

Gmail Helpline Number

If somehow you are unable to request a refund or unable to get your money back from google, Then you have to contact Google Helpline Phone Number to get a refund from Google or Google Play. Before you call to google for refund Check whether a family member or friend used your payment method to make the purchase from the Google Play store. They can lose the ability to pay using Google after your claim is verified. Once you requested for a refund from google or Google Play, will be returned to the same payment method used to make the purchase. If it is taking longer than expected for your refund then you might need to check the refund status on your google play account or call to Google Helpline Phone Number.

How to Change Payment information in google

How to Change Payment information in google or google play account. It is very easy to change the payment information on google account. If your card gets expired or you can use any prepaid card or google play card for the payment in google account. Sometimes if you got a refund for google for any reason then google does not accept your new card or you are unable to buy anything from google services. Here are some steps to change payment information in google account:

  1. Optionally, you might want to set the method previously marked as Primary to be a Backup Payment method.
  2. Expand the drop-down, and select Primary. The card previously marked as Primary will be marked as None, and the payment method cards will shuffle on the page so that the Primary Payment method is displayed first.