Be the interface between the brand and our diversified community.

Imagine a product that's reached hundreds of thousands of users who needed communication accessibility since... forever, and finally found it. Imagine being in the exact moment where it's time to turn up the dial on this growth and get our product into the hands of the majority of the 450M of deaf & hard-of-hearing people — and discover Ava and the difference it can make in their lives. We're looking for someone creative and data-driven to be our French Community manager & the doer behind this effort.

What if you could truly help millions of people live happier and connect more easily to the world around them? And, at the same time, through the conversation with them co-create the future that they have always dreamed of? That's the unique opportunity we offer you at Ava 's small and unconventional customer success team. You will partner with our Sales team to solidify ongoing client relationships that increase adoption and retention.

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About this Role

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So... what will you do as the Community Champion at Ava?