Beestat doesn't run ads, cost money, or sell your data. If you find this service useful, please consider supporting the project. Here are a couple ways you can help out.




Patreon is the primary method you can use to support this project. Your monthly donation goes directly towards supporting the project. Currently Patreon is the only platform that supports any sort of donator perk.

Jon Ziebell is creating beestat.io | Patreon

GitHub Sponsors

If you're not a fan of Patreon but still want to commit to a recurring donation, GitHub Sponsors is a great way to do so.

Sponsor @beestat on GitHub Sponsors

Direct Donation

I can receive donations at PayPal and Venmo. Note that if you donate this way there is no way to link your beestat account to the donation for any benefits.

Pay Jon Ziebell using PayPal.Me



Notion powers this entire help guide and all of my internal documentation. Sign up using my referral link to give me $5 in credit. Plus, you get $10 credit yourself.

Digital Ocean

Digital Ocean runs all of the beestat servers and accounts for the majority of operating expenses. Sign up using my referral link and I'll get $25 in credit once you spend $25. Plus, you get $100 in credit in your first 60 days.