The art of sharing a meal, now available completely online! 🤖🤣🍴

We're making eating cool again! Supper Time is an co-collaborative exploration of our new cultural norms. Join us on our mission to discover if the experience of sharing a meal can be restored to its former glory by zoom calls in 2020! The guests don't always actually eat during the show, don't worry.

Ep. 00001 - Connor | Intro To Supper Time Project & An Exploration: Does Money Incentivize Long-Term Wellbeing?

🍲 Top 8 Episodes

Ep. 00010 - Lucy | Art, Museums, and Cultural Preservation In A Time Of Self Isolation + Silly Zoom Backgrounds!!!

Ep. 00011 - Anna | Modern Sabbath Practices & Insights from Vocal Tone, Range, and Pitch

Ep. 00003 - Elena | Developing Stories, Independence, & Self Awareness To Tend Your Own Garden

Ep. 00006 - Tom | The Possibility Of Togetherness Without Embodied Experience & The Epistemology Of Social Media

Ep. 00002 - Donna | Family Memories On How Home Video In Americana Over The Last 50 Years - Donna Moraco, Ep. 0002

Ep. 00004 - Allen | Mindful Consideration For Your Own Wellbeing In The Face of Fearful Odds

Ep. 00008 - Sheyda | Creating Communities Where Thousands Feel Safe to Explore their Curiosity & Managing Assets In A New Economy

Ep. 00007 - Trevor | Machines Learning, Humans In Quarantine, and Gourds. Bots & Bhatts.

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A Remarkable Online Exploration Of Openness, Curiosity, and The True Meaning Of Real Human Connection.

Made with Zoom, Edited with Descript, published on Notion.

Coordinated with Ontraport, Calendly, & Superhuman.

Meet Steve & Get On Board

Hi, I'm Steve.

If you don't already know, I'm a photographer but I do a lot of other things too. I'm insatiably curious.

This cultural moment was asking for a new show, so here it is. I'll be hanging out over a meal with some of my favorite people in the world, including you. Actually eating while we film is optional.

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