<aside> 📢 Welcome to Superhero Power on Notion. Please note that I am migrating the application to take advantage of the new file system that is now available for the backend. What it means is better performance. The new system documentation is now available on https://trello.com/b/POqPZOwG/just-a-butler-add-on For those coming from Atlassian Community and just wanted to inspect the module, proceed to Superhero Power Modules



Superhero Power is a set of services that leverages on the unique capabilities of Wayscript, the ease of development of py-trello and the collaboration features of Trello to enrich and complement existing capabilities of Trello where business requirements cannot be fulfilled natively and external third party services may be required.

Currently, Superhero Power can be used as a Butler add-on via its Http Request command or from a community board, or invoke from other automation tool such as Code by Zapier.


The application comprises of :

<aside> 💡 For more details, questions and comments, you might want to go to the Q&A page and the Knowledge Base.


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