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Superhero Checklist is a custom Power Up built using Wayscript enabling it to be delivered "as a service" used by many clients or replicate with or without for a specific client.

It is intended to be deployed to a team and hence can be activated on any number of team boards. Hence it This is ideal for enterprises where each team has its own board but need to collaborate across the organisation.

It is also suitable for situations where teams rely heavily on enterprise or team project offices for planning and monitoring of the project. Yet it can be used equally effective in a largely distributed collaborative environment where everyone is allowed to create tasks using checklists and routed tasks it to other teams represented by Trello Lists.

It is also intended for use with Butler to handle other automation requirements specific to your organisations.

Key Features and Requirements

Settings and Features

Board Requirements

<aside> 🔥 Watch this demo video to get a better appreciation of the application. It includes the use of Superhero Basecamp on a Board Button for as the Design Team Courier to move cards to another board used by the Design Team.



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