Looking to support undervalued creators and make meaningful community decisions? Then owning a Sunrise NFT may be right for you. Unlike traditional artwork, NFTs grant holders the exclusive right to license artwork fully and make essential community decisions about what artwork Sunrise Art Club purchases, where and when we hold events, and what types of expansions we can undertake. Whether you’re looking to showcase your support for underrepresented creators or want to take an active role in shaping the future of a thriving artwork community, owning a Sunrise NFT is an excellent way to do so.

Through our community, you gain access to artwork by talented, undervalued artists and have a say in how the artwork is used and the direction our community takes. Your voice will be heard whether you want to vote on which artists receive commissions, who should curate future artwork collections, or how funds are allocated toward community projects and events.

So if you value creativity, diversity, and self-determination, owning a sunrise NFT is the perfect way to take your involvement with the arts to the next level! With this innovative new form of digital ownership, you have the power to help shape the landscape of tomorrow's creative economy. So why wait? Join us today and start supporting undervalued artists and voting for what truly matters.

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The allocation of funding is by the following:

How Funds are Used

Perks of Sunrise Art Ownership