Who are we?

Smartex is a fast-growing company based in San Francisco, Shenzhen and Porto that is leading the way in reducing waste in textile production, using cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence technology, Machine Learning and Computer Vision.

Smartex has attracted some of the most significant capital funds in the world, focusing on industrial technologies such as Momenta Partners, DCVC, Spider Capital, SOSV, and also from the Fashion Industry such as Fashion for Good, a global initiative supported by C&A, adidas, Kering Group, PVH, Stella McCartney, Target, Zalando and others.

Why do we exist?

Our Vision is to rapidly create advanced & Impactful technologies for archaic industries such as the Textile Industry. Create impact by changing and Improve the World, solving real, measurable, and massive problems to help Humanity.

Nowadays, the Textile Industry wastes Billions of dollars per year in defective production and the leading solution to minimize defective production is having human inspection 24/7 to detect production faults. There has to be a better way!



What we do?

Our mission is to become the No. 1 solution for Textile Manufacturing automated inspection, in Q&C and waste reduction. Also to bring advanced technology to the Textile Industry in order to become transparent, traceable, sustainable, and better serve the humanity!

We build Hardware and Software to integrate camera systems inside textile production machines that can automatically inspect, act, alert, and save resources and time.

We build platforms where all the information lives. Data like textile roll virtual maps, machinery & production performance, manufacturing control, and much more.



Project Description

The assembly process of electronic devices, although subject to a lot of automation, is still error prone, especially in small-to-medium batch sizes.

In order to achieve an excellent customer experience and have a high-reliability product, every electronic component should go through a 100% coverage test, where every component is directly, or indirectly tested.

Smartex has developed several custom-made test jigs, some of which need software and hardware updates to match the most recent product updates, improve test reliability, and reduce test time to improve throughput.


Project Goals

The main objective of this project is to improve the existing test jigs, by developing software and tools to make the tests faster and more reliable.

The main goals for this project are the following: