From July 4 to 9 2016, a group of artists and researchers in the fields of visual arts, photography, writing, urban geography, molecular medicine, industrial design, public space and urban planning talked, ate, drew, biked, and produced new work here in Veere. The participants came to Zeeland from Brazilia/Twente, Amsterdam/Johannes-burg, Utrecht, Serbia/Maastricht, Madrid/Middelburg, Noord-wijkerhout, Eindhoven, and Paris/Middelburg. For two days they attemped to connect to a beach stretch of Dishoek through personal interventions and for another two days they drew ‘what is worth drawing’ in the small city of Veere. Their naive findings were then linked in hindsight to artefacts and stories belonging to the cultural heritage of Zeeland, in an effort to practice a form of backward history. This site, and the accompanying publication, is thus a kaleidoscopic record of the thoughts, talks, findings, and questions that emerged during the week. By nature, these are fragmentary and incomplete. However, they can function as seeds of new ways of thinking about the future of cultural tourism and nature recreation on the Peninsula of Walcheren.

Vliedberg. Source Zeeuwse Ankers.

Made possible ****thanks to inspiring contributions from Joost Bakker, Manon Berendse, Krijn Christiaansen & Cathelijne Montens, John Körmeling, Tracy Metz, Alan Murray, Dorine Zelders, as well as the summerschool participants: Kristina Benjocki, Oliver Barstow, Ad van der Koog, Paola Leenhouts-Gonzalez, and summerschool experts: . Realised in partnership with Zeeuws Museum, CBK Zeeland, Gemeente Veere, Jan van Eyck Academie, Sandberg Instituut, UCR, and UU. See dedicated project website for further information. Bilingual publication available online and below (use the embedded scroll bar to leaf through it).

Documentation photography, graphic design by Oliver Barstow

Documentation photography, graphic design by Oliver Barstow

Cathelijne Montens, Oliver Barstow and Krijn Christiaansen on day one of the summerschool at Dishoek beach.

Sophie Krier inserting effort into a leisure environment. What if the horizontal was vertical?

Discussion in Zeeuws Museum – relating found ideas to stories from the collection.

With John Körmeling at our temporary base De Korenmaat in Veere.

Expert meeting on eco-tourism, Vrouwenpolder

With: Manon Berendse, René Dekker, Piet Dieleman, Inez Flameling, Veronika Frenks, Guido Krijger, Timko Lokerse, René Molenaar, Cathelijne Montens, Ger Rijkers, Ro Koster, Jos Willemsen, Bernard Meijlink.

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