Seeing as alot of people want changes to mobs but aren't totally sure on how to suggest these changes, I smacked together a fairly basic "tutorial" here. Just ask if something is unclear and I will rework it. More help is always appreciated. Mobs are far from perfect, but right now it is mainly left to one person, so feedback and suggestions is more than appreciated.

Step-by-step Guide

  1. **Click this link.** It will take you to where you can suggest your changes.
  2. Proceed to click the Fork-button in the top right
  3. If you have an account on GitHub, you just need to log in. If you don't, click on "Create Account".
  4. When you have done this, click the Fork-button again and select your account in the pop-up.
  5. You now have your own personal copy of the config-files to play around with. If you want to, you can set up a local server, get the plugins and test them in-game, though I won't be explaining this here. If you want this, just ask in the #plugin-dev channel on Discord and someone will help you.
  6. Head into the the server folder. This is split into three subfolders. Minecraft/plugins is for pluginchanges spanning all servers survival/plugins is for plugins that are only on the survival server Bungee/plugins you don't need to worry about. For this guide i will be making changes to mobs, which are under Minecraft/plugins/mobzy
  7. In here there are 3 files. spawns.yml refers to the different mob's spawnconditions config.yml is mainly for mob-caps to the different types The mobs folder is where each of the mobs specific stats can be changed
  8. Inside this folder it is divided into the different types of mobs. For example if you want to make changes to Onitsuchis, you will find the file for it under flying.
  9. When you have found the mobname.yml you want to modify, click the Edit-button in the right corner. Then just simply modify whatever it is you want. Be that attackdamage, flyspeed or perhaps mobdrops and itemlore.
  10. Then simply scroll down, title your Commit, select "Commit directly to the master branch" and click Commit.
  11. You have now made your changes to your copy of the config. In the image below it says that your branch/fork is "one commit ahead of MineInAbyss:master". This means your fork is up to date and you can open the pull-request.
  12. As in the image below, you can see it says it will take the master-branch from your fork, and open a pull-request to the main pack. Simply click Create Pull Request
  13. Now just title your pull-request, perhaps add a description of what you changed, and your done. Next step is for devs/admins to look over your suggestion and review it. There might be request for you to change stuff, usually just from small errors, which you then make, commit to your master branch and it will automatically update your pull request with them.

Lastly, if you have any questions, don't hesitate asking in our Discord.