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If you prefer a video guide showing how to get setup, BeardoBenji has a fantastic guide here! It's important to note, however that the guide is a bit outdated at this point. You don't need to create any shortcuts. Run the game instead with the Switch to OculusVR.bat or Switch to SteamVR.bat once and then you can always just launch the game from Steam or the Epic launcher after it's been launched at least once with a bat.

Important: If you installed an older version of the VR mod before the 1.1.0 mod update, you'll need to run the Steam "verify files", install Qmods again and then install the update.

To install,

Step 1

Install the latest version of Qmods (It's recommended that you don't use the Vortex installer version. Just click "Manual Download" and run the installer).

QModManager 4

Step 2

Download and extract the mod for Below Zero:

Native VR Support for Below Zero

Download the zip file above on Nexus and copy / replace everything into the root folder of your Subnautica: Below Zero game (just drag and drop it from your zip extractor). You may want to back up your folder first (or you can undo the changes by deleting the mod / using the Steam "verify files" if you ever want to remove it)