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<aside> 💡 Submissions are currently open through our email. If you are unsure about whether a piece would fit in, feel free to write us with your idea but please leave ample time before the deadline.

ISSUE 04: Off the Grid


ISSUE 04 DEADLINE: March 31st, 2023

General Guidelines

We accept a broad range of content so long as it relates to the overall goal of our Mission statement and is consistent with our visual aesthetic. Please familiarize yourself with both before submitting. In addition, each issue has an individual theme. Issue #1’s theme is “Welcome to CURSOR.” For this first issue, we invite you to submit writing that relates in any way to our mission statement. Submissions for our second issue, “Visions for the internet” are also open.

We accept art as standalone pieces or as a part of a written submission.

Standalone Art

We take rolling submissions for art, meaning that art may also be published ‘at random’. If an art piece is related to a current theme, please include this in your subject line:

Subject line: Art - ‘Visions for the Internet’ - Jane Doe

Also indicate whether we may use this together with an article, if we see this fitting, or if you would like to submit as a stand-alone piece. If you would like your insta or twitter handle to be included, please include this.

Art as part of written submission

Art related to a piece of writing may be creative pieces that belong together, or art pieces that constitute an ‘article’. Read more on Submission Guidelines - Writing. This also counts if you are two people (eg. an artist and a writer) working together.


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