The subdomain manager creates subdomains assigned to a specific allocation, allowing connecting to a server or application using the subdomain, as you don’t need to remember the IP.


Root domain with access to update the nameservers. Currently, only root domains can be used for the subdomain manager, meaning or, and not subdomains As such, we suggest you get a different domain specifically for the subdomain manager.

All subdomains are A DNS records pointing towards the allocation IP, except subdomains for minecraft identifier will also create an SRV record for the port. As such, all other eggs must have a default game port for connecting using a subdomain to function.

Please open a support ticket to include a new game identifier for SRV should it support SRV records.

Adding a new domain

New domains can be added to the Panel by going to Admin Panel , 1) Service Management → 2) Domains → 3) Clicking Create.


Instructions for the nameservers will be displayed on the new page. Domain nameservers must be pointed to WISP. Seek advice from your domain registrar should you have trouble finding how to update nameservers. They must be pointed to:

<aside> ⚠️ DNS records around the world can take up to 48 hours to propagate. However, usually, it takes only a few hours. Please be patient!



Once the nameservers have been updated, fill in the domain you wish to use. Multiple different domains can be added to the Panel one by one, and users can choose which one to use.