People: Anne Spalding (Team Lead), Polly Peterson, Eugene Kirpichov, Kush Ghetia, Flore Costumé, Nikhil Bhat (Nik), Vasudha Srinivasan:

Channel: #core-subcommunities

Meeting notes: Meeting notes here


Task tracker: Projects Board

Audit: Sept 22 Audit

Subco engagement ideas, including #meet channels: Ideas summary

Guidelines for community creation.

🎯 What is the purpose of this team?

Subco team exists to make sure Work On Climate has a healthy ecosystem of well-run subcommunities. Subco has succeeded if every Work On Climate member has a well-run, highly engaged, useful subco to go to, which will be effective at helping them on their path to climate.

The need to have subcos comes from several factors:

⚡ What does this team do?

This team makes sure that WoCl subcos have committed organizers who are effective at creating a useful, well-run subco, and makes sure that the right people join in the right subcos:

E.g. this team is in charge of the following: