*humpty 🧠*June 29, 2022 8:07 AM (PDT)June 29, 2022 8:07 AM (PDT)

Interesting. I hadn't thought as CS as an incubator. In my mind, we simply facilitate funding for people to produce their shows. We then provide the backend: engineering, distribution and marketing.

I have been giving more thought to the engagement of new shows. For example, the length of time we may want to run a particular series. I think some will have a longer run than others. But that should also be agreed upon in the application process.

Looking back at the W3ID series, for example, I would have stated its goals a little more clearly regarding how it would demystify web3 identity, and work with the production workstream more directly to develop the concept more concretely, specially as it relates to its distribution. I think that we could package it up as a mini series on the pod network. Look up Green Pilled on Bankless HQ, and DAO mini series on On The Other Side pod with Chase Chapman.

This is true for the other two new shows.

What are your thoughts about this? And does it need to be an incubator to achieve these goals? If so, how would the platform change (or at all) to become an incubator? Does being an incubator add more overhead/complexity to the project and agreements?

*Flowscience*June 29, 2022 10:16 AM (PDT)June 29, 2022 10:16 AM (PDT)

Agreed on all points from both of you. I think what you described is an incubator model, but with the web3 value of having a defined purpose/mission. If a new initiative has a defined goal, then then it potentially makes sense for it to dissolve upon achieving that. However, not all initiatives have clear end goals, but is that a problem? I think it can be addressed with milestones and evaluation points, whether a project decides it has achieved it's goal, or whether new goals have evolved that are worth evaluation to determine if they're in alignment with CS & original goals etc. A few posts from Chase Chapman on this recently: https://twitter.com/chaserchapman/status/1541446853245517825?s=20&t=uDdX_l75JfUFgo7X76SUXQhttps://twitter.com/chaserchapman/status/1469748577752735745?s=20&t=uDdX_l75JfUFgo7X76SUXQ June 29, 2022 10:17 AM (PDT)

*infinitehomie.eth 🏴*June 29, 2022 4:38 PM (PDT)June 29, 2022 4:38 PM (PDT)

Incremental improvements, I think that is called.@humpty 🧠 fascinating that you have interpreted the idea of an incubator differently, I quite like different approaches.

It seemed to me that you had envisioned the podcast network to be the incubator, with podcast coming up with the idea, and it gets staffed and funded (upon approval). But I could see how one person would think this as an incubator and to also think of it in a different light, as I give it more thought.

When launching a podcast, I would expect the podcast to have an idea of the project, their topic discussions, interview guests (if need be) and the audience. This would be ahead of time, this would be subject to change, sure, but shooting at the hip isn’t going to make for a very well received podcast, I’d figure.

So if people want to put forth the effort to answer the above questions, then they should be able to move forward with a testing round. June 29, 2022 4:39 PM (PDT)

  1. **June 29, 2022 4:39 PM (PDT)June 29, 2022 4:39 PM (PDT)June 29, 2022 4:39 PM (PDT)

    Incremental improvements, I think that is called.@humpty 🧠 fascinating that you have interpreted the idea of an incubator differently, I quite like different approaches. June 29, 2022 4:58 PM (PDT)

*infinitehomie.eth 🏴*July 3, 2022 3:47 PM (PDT)July 3, 2022 3:47 PM (PDT)

ultimately, I think it would make sense for crypto sapiens to be an incubator. we are empowering people to talk about what's on their mind, with respect to the crypto, defi, nft, and now, reputation based realm.

  1. **July 3, 2022 3:49 PM (PDT)July 3, 2022 3:49 PM (PDT)July 3, 2022 3:49 PM (PDT)

    If we are providing funding to these podcasts, we should be able to provide advice and skills as well.

*Flowscience*July 5, 2022 8:18 PM (PDT)July 5, 2022 8:18 PM (PDT)


Are you ready for a Crypto Sapiens governance smorgasbord?

After the conversation started in marketing today I put my researcher hat on and went digging through proposals looking for guidance about how we should be evaluating our remuneration in terms of funding requests from BDAO. Also how we can, cannot, and should be establishing funding guidelines.

Firstly, we aren't currently defining ourselves as a project in terms of how we apply for funding from BDAO (e.g. seasonal vs ad-hoc). Secondly, how we operate requires careful distinctions between us and existing guilds (particularly the hatchery bc we both aim to upskill & empower contributors to create new shows)

WTF Is a Guild?


Guilds as Professional Associations


However, I think the second part of that question is addressed by the concept of this project becoming a SubDAO - which we identified concretely as our goal in the S4 proposal.