<aside> ⚙ At the Machine Learning ⇌ Science Colaboratory, Cluster of Excellence Machine Learning in Science, Tübingen, Germany


<aside> 🔎 40 hours/month for 3 months. Apply at the latest by 9.10.2021. Review starts immediately on a rolling basis until the position is filled.



We intend to deploy a website running partially interactive Pluto notebooks. Pluto notebooks are reactive, reproducible notebooks using the Julia programming language. Such notebooks promote making scientific analyses and communication inspectable, dynamic, and reproducible.

Description of duties

Assisting with configuring and deploying a website whose pages are Pluto notebooks.

Profile description

Applicant must be enrolled in a B.Sc. or M.Sc. degree program at a university in Germany.

Required skills include

Preferred skills include:


Please send your application to Seth Axen <seth.axen@uni-tuebingen.de>. The application should include (i) full CV, (ii) last applicable transcript of records, (iii) if applicable, B.Sc. thesis report or a M.Sc. class project report, (iv) a code sample or link to your code in an open source repository (v) if available, the contact information of referees. Only complete applications can be considered.