Getting started with Kritik: sign up, create and edit your account

Written by Carine Marette

Updated over a week ago


1. Welcome to Kritik

A Kritik account gives you access to multiple courses with a single login. With a Kritik account, you can:

2. Enrollment Invitation

If you are using Kritik for any of your courses, make sure your professor has sent you an invitation link to your student email. You can find the invitation in either your inbox or in your spam folder. Follow the instructions for navigating Kritik on the invite.

Note that if it is not your first time using Kritik, you can simply log in to your account and enroll into your new course by clicking "Purchase Subscription".

3. Create an Account

When using Kritik, we recommend you use browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Create an account if you're a first time user. Make sure the email matches the email address to which the enrollment invitation was sent.

If you are not a first time user, log in with your existing account. Make sure you are logging into the correct server according to your location.