Our values

❤️ Be kind

Our co-workers, customers, and partners are just like us — human. Remember to be kind and stay humble. Thank people for what they do. Say something nice or post to #kudos.

🌊 Embrace change

Streamlit is growing quickly. Welcome this challenge. Seek new ideas. Help others learn too. View feedback as a growth opportunity. Recognize how far we've come. Appreciate the journey.

🏃🏽‍♀️ Bias to action

We set daunting goals. If stuck, just start. Create a doc. Arrange a brainstorm. Sketch the MVP. Disagree calmly. Prepare to decide quickly and join the team. The opposite of inaction is traction!

🌟 Make it awesome

We craft the smallest details of our products, docs, community interactions, and communication. Start with a high bar, then iterate and learn. Own your work. Keep promises. Strive for clarity.

🤗 Care for yourself and others

We are more than our work. Work should enrich your life and your life should enrich your work. Share your hobbies, lean into the flexibility of remote work, and take last-Friday of each month off!

⚡️ Empower those around you

Your output is your team's output. Define great projects and processes. Set clear goals for new employees. Run tight meetings. Help your subordinates succeed. Share the spotlight.

🐔 Silly your nerdy

Data is beautiful. Models are awesome. Let's have fun! Embrace whimsy and creativity. Find the chuckle. Add emojis. Dance to mark wins. Share cool findings. Send stickers. Release balloons!