Welcome to the Streamlit for Teams beta program. We're excited to have you as a partner!

In this program, you get early (and free!) access to Streamlit for Teams to enable you to securely deploy, manage, and share your Streamlit apps within your company and with your customers and partners. We value all feedback, and ask that you let us know anything good, bad, frustrating, or surprising that you find. Thanks for helping us make Streamlit for Teams a fantastic product. 🎈

If you're completely new to Streamlit, check out our Getting started with Streamlit page!

Get started — launch your first app!

You should already have access to your workspace, so log in and start deploying apps 😁. Here is a quick get started guide with links to more documentation. We'd also love to hop on a call with you to go over any of your apps and any feedback or questions you have.

  1. Whitelist your developers 👷‍♀️

  2. Log in to your dashboard 👩🏻‍💻

  3. Grant repo access 👑

  4. Launch a test app! 🎈

  5. Set up secrets 🗝

  6. Set up viewer auth 🔒

  7. Let us help! 🙌

Please send the list of GitHub accounts you want in your Streamlit for Teams workspace. If you need to add or remove people during the beta (before the full admin interface lands), just ping your Streamlit contact.

Go to share.streamlit.io and click to authenticate with GitHub. If that fails it means that we don't have that GitHub account allowlisted, so just send the username to your Streamlit contact and we'll get it listed for you.

When you log in for the first time you will need to grant access to the GitHub private repo you wish to use for your apps. An admin of the repo must grant the access, so if you are not an admin, please get them a Streamlit for Teams account so they can grant access.

We suggest doing a sample deployment to get used to the interface. Follow along in the deployment instruction guide to deploy your first app. For your full apps you'll want to make sure your secrets and viewer auth are set up before launching the app.

Secure access to the data for your app with secrets management. Read the documentation on using secrets. We also have a number of guides on how to connect to different cloud services.

Lock down your app to a certain set of viewers using Google OAuth or by setting up your own password system. Read the documentation on viewer auth.

No question is too small, no request too big. Let us know how we can help - whether it's more resources for an app, a step that is frustrating you, or the need for ideas on how to improve your app. Just ping your Streamlit contact or email support@streamlit.io.

Securely connect to your cloud services

Here are a few guides on how to connect to different cloud services (see also the overview):