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Linkware license

All our icons and illustrations are free to download and use straight away as low resolution PNG files. All you need to do is add a link back to the Streamline Icons (www.streamlinehq.com) website. Simple for you. Helpful for us. Deal? 🤜💥🤛

✅ This license allows you to use our PNG icons or illustrations for commercial use, for yourself or on behalf of a client.

✅ You can use them for an unlimited amount of projects, and any type of project: templates, website design, application design… and even logos!

How to make an attribution link

1- Generally, use this model for the attribution link: Free icons from Streamline or Free illustrations from Streamline

The link must be visible and readable as a hyperlink text and link to https://streamlinehq.com/

[If it applies to you, we recommend providing a dofollow link instead of a nofollow backlink]

2- More specific case depending of the medium:

🌐 For Web applications and websites, preferably place a link on all pages where you use our icons (you can place the link in your footer). If you have limited space you can place the link on a Credit/About page.

📱 🖥 For Desktop and Mobile applications, add the proper credit in the "About" or "Credits" page.

👍 Social Networks: Add the attribution link on the text description of the image.

📖 🎞 🌁 For other content, like books, videos, images, Tshirt, Word, Excel, PDF... Add the link anywhere in the document or product. If you promote this product or content online, please also include Free icons from Streamline or Free illustrations from Streamline in the description.

License limitations