Pool Preview

We are excited to share that Stratos (https://www.stratos.xyz/) is opening its first Borrower Pool for $20M on the Goldfinch Protocol. Additional information regarding Stratos can be found in the Borrower Profile linked here: https://www.notion.so/stratoslp/Stratos-Borrower-Profile-2988f06ad366444780c3b1a8fc704cd2 The Pool will open for funding at 8AM PST on Friday, February 11 2022.

Founded in 2016, Stratos has achieved 5 years of consistent, strong returns since inception through credit investments to fintech and other venture backed companies primarily in the United States. Stratos empowers founders to achieve their vision through rigorous engagement, strategic guidance, and capital.

Verify your Identity

In order to participate in the Borrower Pool, you will need to verify your identity by minting a Unique ID NFT. You can read more about this here and can begin the process of minting your UID here. Please note that you may still be required to go through this process even if you have already completed KYC on the Goldfinch protocol. You can read the step-by-step guide for minting your UID here.

Key Terms

Estimated Backer APY: 46.5 - 76.5% (16.5% cash APR + 10-20% variable* Backer GFI rewards + 20-40% matching variable* Senior GFI rewards)

*GFI Rewards: Two forms of GFI rewards whose value fluctuates based on the price of GFI, and on the amount of capital in the pool. The first is in the form of backer liquidity mining rewards distributed with every interest payment made (i.e. 10-20%). The second is in the form of matching Senior Pool liquidity mining rewards expected to launch in March (i.e. 20-40%) based on this proposal here.

Borrower Coupon: 11.0%

Deal size: $20,000,000

Total Backer Allocation: $5,000,000

Term Length: 48 months, with monthly interest payments

Backer Contribution Limit: Unlimited

Who can participate: This offer is only available to Backers outside the US who have minted their Unique ID NFT. Please note that participating in the Senior Pool, or as a Backer in a previous Borrower Pool does not affect your ability to participate as Backers in this Stratos Borrower Pool. You may participate in the Senior Pool, and as a Backer in as many Borrower Pools as you like.


Feb 8th - Due Diligence Commences. Community invited to review due diligence materials

Feb 11th - Open app.goldfinch.finance for funding at 8AM PST

Feb 15th - Close funding

More Information on the Goldfinch Protocol

Website: https://goldfinch.finance

Goldfinch Docs: https://docs.goldfinch.finance/goldfinch/