So my friend Josh asked me what was the end goal for learning storytelling.

The reason he asked this was simple. I was writing about storytelling in multiple different contexts so it wasn't super clear where this learning was heading. The same question popped in my head as to what am I trying to use these skills fo r?

So I was actually thinking about my motivations for storytelling, and I think a lot of it has to do with the fascination around the power good stories have.

But the more I thought about, I realised most of the powerful stories are also honest and authentic.

So really trying to learn the art is less so about fabricating stories but more so around how to convey powerful ideas in ways that can inspire people.

As an entrepreneur, we have to convey ideas to customers, designers, developers, marketers. Tons and tons of stakeholders basically.

Though I'm not really sure if I'm mixing up communication skills and good storytelling here.

Maybe I am and maybe they are strongly intertwined but until I figure out the end goal of storytelling I will be switching to writing about the history of Indian philosophy 😂