Ok I have no idea what to do

But I will try to make up a story

That we will all find nostalgic and empathetic

Some documents are created by mysterious people?


Things happened in my childhood

Playing video games secretely

Writing super dramatic diaries and mandatory bland diaries

Drawing stupid comics

Making up board game rules and maps

On my childhood PC

3D pinball and 扫雷

Putting passwords in the most obvious place

Making 35 word documents to play around with custom shapes

A lot of old photos taken with CCD camera

Random .html webpage downloaded to save them

MS Paint drawings

Grandpa’s music composition software

Docs related to Player Lore

Things that I think will happen in a western kids childhood

Record its dreams


Download lots of Lyrics and music

Skype with friends

Download cartoons and movies


Docs related to World Lore

Losing in sports

ChatGPT Stable Diffusion

Docs and Pics


AI Stories


Secret Endings: