May 2018

Juan took a series of photos in the streets of Paris as research for a screenplay about a homeless girl.

September 2018

Pauline felt relieved when she received a call from her mother, who said, “we found him”. Her brother had been homeless for a few months until he was saved by kind strangers in Austria that stopped walking in the street to ask if he was alright, then took him to the hospital, and contacted his family. Anyone in the street could be your brother, your uncle or your aunt, we are all a family.

January 2019

Pauline and Juan were walking in the streets of Paris when a homeless man asked them for money. Neither of them had cash. Juan said, “we should create a card where the homeless can receive donations!” Pauline thought, “an innovative idea from Juan again, will it ever see the light of day?”

February 2020

Pauline was introduced to the world of Web3 bounties and earned her first ETHs when she answered Owocki's request for avatars to be used in Gitcoin.

March 2020

Juan sat down to write his ideas of the card he had been thinking about for months. A few days before attending EthCC, SolidarityCard was born!

April 2020

We won a design prize from Pepo App on the Blockchain for Social Impact hackathon in the Sustainable Cities category.

May 2020

We decided to pause the project due to extreme uncertainty about health safety measures when interacting with people in the streets.

October 2021

We joined the SINGA France incubator for entrepreneurial projects related to migration and social dialogue. The project came out of its long sleep.

February 2022

We joined the Kernel Fellowship 🌱 #KB5!

June 2022

New mission.