So Shane has a structure to divide stories into different types based on their timeliness and the type of things you talk about.

This is how stories can build relationships gradually.

You first start talking about shared interest and values. When you don't know the person you can't jump into talking about your life.

You've got to build that relationship before you get closer. It's like going on your first date, you explore each others interests and wants.

As you get a little bit closer, lets say the second date you may ease into talking about the things you care about and your vulnerabilities.

As the relationship progresses you might dig into things that are much more personal.

It's a similar analogy on how you share stories with your audience as your business.

So if you had to visualise this funnel - it would be looks like something below

He then breaks the analogy on top to the type of story it can be based on timeliness.

So you have stories that are

  1. Timely - about things that are happening now
  2. Seasonal - things that are happening in a small frame of time
  3. Evergreen - timeless stories that you could tell at anytime