We love providing fantastic Customer Experience at Calo. We treat our customers like family. These are the stories that you might not see always on our social media, or ones that we don't advertise publicly.

You'll get to see/hear about these stories in your day to day life at Calo.

The 142 bottles

On March 2020, Bahrain announced the first set of lockdowns to prevent the spread of Covid-19.

Our team decided to help people feel a bit better. Within 4 hours, everyone in the company made a move, from our CEO, our CX agents, accountant, our operations team, you name it. We bought 50 KGs of carrots, and lemons, and other ingredients, and started juicing by hand an immunity booster juice for all our customers, 142 customers on that day.


The honest post

On the 21st of June, our team was struck by a scary event, a Covid-19 case in our kitchen.

We had a lot of options, we could simply brush it under the carpet, and hide this fact that had the potential of ruining our business. Instead, we tackled it head on, we were honest. We paused our operations for four weeks, tested everyone and made sure they’re safe, and spoke honestly to our community.

Read the full post here.


The microwave

What do you do when a customer tells you they can’t renew their subscription for a week, because their microwave broke down? Some might think of it as one customer lost, or 7 days of lost revenue.

We didn’t think that, we acted on our values, empathized, and decided to buy this customer a new microwave.


Arabic lessons with your meals

One day, a new subscriber joined Calo, turns they've recently moved to Bahrain. Through a quick call, one of our team members discovered they're struggling with some of the Bahraini Arabic words.

Our team member decided to surprise him with weekly Bahraini Arabic classes with his meals, helping him with good food and welcoming him to his new home. 🇧🇭