You rock at marketing, new contacts are flocking to your site.

But do you know where they are coming from? For sure, you can create a segment is Friendly to who came through Facebook for example:

This filter will go through the URL visits and check for matches.

URL visits are saved like this:

As you can see, you can filter for referring page, but the problem is, this might be various. What if someone comes through a blog post on your site, decides to follow you on facebook, and clicks one of your links there as well. You would think this person originally came from facebook, but it is not true.

Let's save the origin!

In order to do that, we need to set up a new custom field called Origin.

Now create a segment for Facebook and Google as follows:

  1. Google will save a gclid parameter in your URL, you can filter for that.
  2. Facebook will save a fbclid in your parameter, and it is possible to filter for that as well, when yoou create your segment.

Now create a segment, that filters out this value:

Or in case of Google:

You also have to make sure, that the origin field is empty for this segment, as we intend to fill it out with a campaign and we don't want to overwrite old data:

I named these segments as follows: